What is it actually?

Automation is a very general term. There are many examples and even more ideas. We specialize in application automation, meaning the application(s) you or your employees work with. This can involve a lot. Let's try an exemplary day-to-day business scenario.

Alice arrives at the office shortly before 8 every morning, powers on her computer, then walks into the kitchen to switch on the coffee maker.
While her coffee is brewing, she logs on to the computer and since it takes a little longer, she fetches the fresh coffee in the meantime.
Back at her desk, she begins to evaluate the current results of the warehouse lists, which Bob the warehouse clerk updates daily on his night shift.

Nothing is lost in Bob's warehouse, every change is documented. He knows exactly what's available, which items are being delivered and what still has to be ordered.
All information is being kept in several lists.

For the 9 o'clock meeting, Alice needs all the information from these lists and therefore navigates through 5-7 different documents every morning.
It takes about 20 minutes to collect all the data. And if there are more delivery bottlenecks or other information has to be analyzed, she runs out of time and possible special promotions often go undetected.

Every day Alice thinks to herself: Isn't there a faster or easier way to do this?
She contacts IT2slow and describes us her issue.

We then analyze her workflow and determine that all the required work steps can be automated.
Using this information, we create the automation in the form of an executable file. This file can now be executed automatically right after logging in. The file generates the required report until Alice is back at her desk with her coffee. Now there is enough time to take care of special promotions and thus save the company even more money.

Teilen Sie manchmal den Gedanken von Alice?

Do you sometimes share the thoughts of Alice?